Alex Scott expresses gratitude for becoming ambassador for domestic abuse charity Refuge Former England and Arsenal footballer Alex Scott has recently been appointed as an ambassador for domestic abuse charity Refuge. The retired football star has expressed her deep honor and commitment towards her new role, where she hopes to make a significant impact in raising awareness and supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

Being an ambassador for Refuge is particularly meaningful to Scott, as she has previously spoken publicly about her own experiences with domestic violence within her family. By accepting this role, she aims to use her platform and personal history to advocate for change and give a voice to those affected by this societal issue.

Founded in 1971, Refuge is the UK’s largest provider of specialist services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse. The charity offers a range of support services including accommodation, confidential helplines, community outreach programs, and legal advocacy. By working in collaboration with organizations, policymakers, and the wider public, Refuge strives to raise awareness and change societal attitudes towards domestic abuse.

Scott’s appointment as an ambassador for Refuge couldn’t have come at a better time. The Covid-19 pandemic has sadly exacerbated the issue of domestic abuse, with lockdown measures forcing many individuals to spend prolonged periods of time in abusive environments. Refuge reported a 65% increase in calls to their helpline within the first week of lockdown in March 2020, demonstrating the urgent need for support and assistance.

As an ambassador, Scott recognizes the importance of shining a light on this critical issue, especially during these challenging times. She aims to use her platform to educate, inform, and empower individuals affected by domestic abuse, reminding them that they are not alone and that there is help available.

In a heartfelt statement, Scott expressed her gratitude and determination to make a difference in the lives of survivors. She explained, “I am truly honored to become an ambassador for Refuge, a charity that does such incredible work assisting women and children escaping domestic abuse. Having witnessed the impact of domestic violence within my own family, I understand firsthand the devastating effects it can have. I am committed to raising awareness, supporting survivors, and working towards preventing domestic abuse from happening in the first place.”

Scott’s involvement with Refuge is likely to have a significant and positive impact on the charity’s reach and influence. Her stature as a successful athlete and sports commentator grants her a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences, both football fans and the wider public. By using her platform to amplify Refuge’s message, Scott will undoubtedly generate essential conversations, encourage empathy, and inspire action.

In choosing Scott as an ambassador, Refuge has found a passionate and dedicated advocate who brings authenticity and a personal understanding of the issue at hand. With her driving force, Refuge can continue its vital work in supporting survivors, raising awareness, and advocating for societal change regarding domestic abuse.

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