Football: Sir Geoff Hurst deeply disappointed for England’s Lionesses England legend Sir Geoff Hurst has expressed his disappointment and frustration over the Lionesses’ lackluster performances in recent international tournaments. The former World Cup winner believes that the team has not lived up to their potential and has let themselves down on the big stage.

Hurst, who scored a hat-trick in the 1966 World Cup final against West Germany, has been an ardent supporter of women’s football and has closely followed the progress of the Lionesses. However, he believes that they have failed to capitalize on the opportunity to make a mark in major competitions.

England’s women’s team has long been touted as one of the favorites in international women’s football, and many expected them to build on their success at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019. The Lionesses reached the semi-finals of that tournament, which was seen as a significant achievement for the team.

However, since then, England has struggled to perform at the same level, particularly in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics. The team failed to progress past the quarter-finals, losing to the eventual champions, the United States. This early exit was a bitter disappointment for both fans and the players themselves.

Hurst, speaking about the Lionesses’ performance, remarked, “I know for a fact that several figures within women’s football, particularly the media, had been making bold predictions about them for Tokyo, but it didn’t bear fruit.” He also expressed his frustration over the team’s lack of goals, which he believes has been an ongoing issue.

Indeed, England has struggled to find the back of the net consistently in recent tournaments. In the Olympics, they managed just two goals in four games and failed to hit the target in the crucial quarter-final clash against the United States. This lack of firepower has hindered their progress on numerous occasions.

Hurst believes that the team needs to address this issue and work on improving their attacking prowess. He suggested that the Lionesses should follow the example set by the successful men’s team, who have been able to consistently produce goals at the highest level.

However, it is worth noting that England has faced tough opponents in recent tournaments, including heavyweights like the United States and the Netherlands. The level of competition has undoubtedly increased, making it more challenging for the Lionesses to replicate their past successes.

Nevertheless, Hurst’s disappointment stems from the belief that the team has the talent and potential to perform at a higher level. As a former great of English football, he understands the passion and dedication required to achieve success in international competitions.

Hurst’s comments have initiated an important discussion about the state of women’s football in England. The disappointment felt by a legend like him serves as a reminder to the current crop of players that they need to improve and rise to the occasion.

It is now up to the Lionesses to take this criticism constructively and use it as motivation to work harder, improve their performances, and prove their worth on the international stage. The talent and potential are undoubtedly there; it is the execution that needs to match it.

Sir Geoff Hurst’s disappointment may be bitter, but it can also act as a catalyst for change within the Lionesses’ camp. The team has the opportunity to rise from these setbacks, learn from them, and strive for greater success in future competitions.

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