Gary Neville criticizes Manchester United’s management of investigation involving Mason Greenwood Manchester United’s handling of the investigation into young star Mason Greenwood’s breach of COVID-19 protocols has come under scrutiny from former United captain Gary Neville. Greenwood and fellow youngster Phil Foden were sent home from England’s national team camp after breaking quarantine rules by bringing women back to the team hotel in Iceland.

While both players have since issued apologies and accepted responsibility for their actions, Neville believes that Manchester United should have taken a firmer stance and not allowed Greenwood to be part of the first team for the entirety of their pre-season training. Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Neville expressed his disappointment at the club’s handling of the situation.

“The club didn’t deserve that. The manager didn’t deserve that. The players sitting in that dressing room didn’t deserve that,” Neville said. “It isn’t the type of thing that Manchester United as a football club should stand for. I’m really, really frustrated with those two players, because not just of the split-second decision that they made to bring those girls into the hotel, but also the two or three days of stupidity that followed.”

Neville also criticized the club for not making an immediate public statement to condemn the players’ actions. He believed that such a statement could have sent a strong message to all Manchester United players about the code of conduct they are expected to follow.

“There should have been a statement from the club Friday night condemning them really or talking about how disappointed they were,” Neville said. “It’s bang out of order what they’ve done. The players need protecting from themselves, and full credit to the players who did follow the rules.”

Greenwood, who had a breakthrough season last year, scoring 17 goals in all competitions, received widespread support from Manchester United fans for his on-field performances. However, Neville believes that as a club, Manchester United needs to do better in handling disciplinary matters.

“We can’t be happy with young players who go on and do really well at this club, sign big contracts, give them lots of money, then end up really letting the players down with some of the actions they do,” Neville added.

The incident has certainly put a dent in Greenwood’s promising career, with his actions bringing unwanted negative attention. While some argue that he is just a young player who made a mistake, others view it as a sign of immaturity and lack of professionalism. Regardless, Gary Neville’s criticism suggests that there is a need for stricter disciplinary measures and a more proactive approach from Manchester United in dealing with such issues in the future.

As for Mason Greenwood, he needs to learn from this experience and understand the consequences of his actions. He has the support of his teammates, managers, and fans, but it is crucial for him to mature both on and off the pitch to fulfill his abundant potential.

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