Lindsay Lohan’s First Baby Brings Joy to ‘Movie Mother’ Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis, the legendary actress who played Lindsay Lohan’s mother in the hit movie “Freaky Friday,” is celebrating after Lohan welcomed her first child into the world. Lohan took to social media to share the news of her baby’s arrival, and fans and well-wishers, including Curtis, were quick to send their love and congratulations to the new mom.

Curtis and Lohan shared a special bond while working on the 2003 film “Freaky Friday,” where they played a mother-daughter duo who swapped bodies for a day. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, and it seems that their connection extended beyond the silver screen.

Upon hearing the news of Lohan’s baby, Curtis took to Instagram to express her delight and congratulate her former movie daughter. She shared a photo of herself with Lohan from their “Freaky Friday” days and wrote a heartfelt message in the caption.

“Dearest Lindsay, it feels like just yesterday that we were shooting ‘Freaky Friday’ and now you are a mother! Congratulations on this beautiful new chapter of your life. I couldn’t be happier for you and your growing family. Sending you all my love,” Curtis wrote.

Fans were overjoyed by Curtis’ message of support and flooded the comments section with their own well wishes for Lohan and her new arrival. Many expressed their excitement at seeing the “Freaky Friday” family expanding and hoped for a reunion between Curtis and Lohan in the future.

Lohan has had a very public journey in the entertainment industry, and her personal life has often made headlines too. However, she has embraced her experiences and grown from them, making her journey all the more inspiring. Seeing her embark on motherhood now is yet another exciting chapter in her life.

The birth of Lohan’s baby is undoubtedly a cause for celebration not only for her but also for her fans who have been following her career over the years. Sharing the news publicly shows that Lohan is excited to embrace this new role and share her joy with the world.

Curtis’ words of congratulations not only highlight the close bond the two actresses formed during their time filming “Freaky Friday” but also showcase the enduring support and unity within the entertainment industry. The fact that Curtis reached out to Lohan to celebrate this milestone speaks volumes about the positive impact working together had on their lives.

The birth of a child is a magical and transformative experience, and for Lohan, it marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. As friends, fans, and industry members rally around her, Lohan can take comfort in the tremendous amount of love and support she has received.

Congratulations to Lindsay Lohan on the arrival of her baby, and kudos to Jamie Lee Curtis for showering her former movie daughter with such heartfelt congratulations. Here’s to new beginnings and the beautiful journey of motherhood for Lohan as she sets out on this remarkable adventure.

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