Mark Cavendish sustains collarbone fracture, forced to withdraw from Tour de France due to crash In a devastating turn of events, British cyclist Mark Cavendish has crashed out of the Tour de France, breaking his collarbone. The incident occurred during the opening stage of the prestigious race, leaving his hopes of claiming another victory shattered.

Known as the “Manx Missile” for his incredible speed and sprinting abilities, Cavendish has been a prominent figure in the cycling world for over a decade. With 30 stage wins to his name, he’s one of the most successful sprinters in Tour de France history. However, his dreams of further glory have been abruptly halted this year.

The incident occurred within the first few kilometers of the race, during a high-speed sprint for the finish line. Racing alongside other top contenders, Cavendish reportedly tangled wheels with another rider and was sent crashing to the ground. The impact was so severe that he fractured his collarbone, an injury notorious for keeping cyclists off their bikes for weeks.

For Cavendish, the Tour de France is a race of great importance. Not only is it the pinnacle of his sport, but it also holds a special place in his heart due to his remarkable success in previous years. Unfortunately, luck has not been on his side in recent editions of the race. Last year, he had to withdraw from the Tour due to illness, and in 2017, he suffered a similar fate after colliding with another rider. The recurrence of such misfortunes is undoubtedly frustrating for the talented athlete.

In the face of adversity, however, Cavendish has always displayed remarkable resilience. His determination to come back stronger has been evident throughout his career. This latest setback will undoubtedly be a major blow, but fans can expect him to work tirelessly to regain his form and return to the cycling world with a vengeance.

As with any setback, there may be a silver lining. Cavendish’s withdrawal from the Tour de France could potentially offer an opportunity for other cyclists to shine. Cycling is a highly unpredictable sport, where unforeseen circumstances often lead to unexpected outcomes. Riders who were initially considered underdogs now have a chance to showcase their skills and potentially leave a lasting impact on the race.

While Cavendish’s absence will undoubtedly be felt, the Tour de France remains one of the most captivating and competitive sporting events in the world. With or without him, the race will continue to captivate audiences and keep fans on the edge of their seats.

As fans send their well-wishes to Mark Cavendish during his recovery, the cycling community will eagerly await his return. The road to recovery may be challenging, with grueling physical therapy and mental fortitude required, but if anyone has the ability to overcome such obstacles, it is undoubtedly the determined “Manx Missile”.

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