Record bid ends as Mark Cavendish breaks collarbone in Stage 8 crash of 2023 Tour de France In a devastating turn of events, Mark Cavendish’s record-breaking bid at the 2023 Tour de France came to an abrupt end on Sunday, as he broke his collarbone in a crash during Stage 8. Cavendish, who had already won four stages in this year’s race, was undoubtedly eyeing Eddy Merckx’s long-standing record of 34 stage victories. However, fate had a different plan for the British cyclist.

The incident occurred around 60 kilometers into the hilly stage, in the Pyrenees region, as the peloton was navigating a treacherous descent. Cavendish, known for his exceptional sprinting abilities, was already making a name for himself in this year’s tour, reclaiming his status as one of the most successful sprinters in the history of the sport. Fans worldwide were eagerly cheering for him as he closed in on Merckx’s record.

But cycling can be unforgiving, even for the most accomplished athletes. As Cavendish fought for position in the peloton, disaster struck. A momentary lapse in concentration, a slight misjudgment of a turn, and he found himself on the ground, clutching his shoulder in intense pain. Despite his best efforts to continue, it quickly became apparent that the injury was severe enough to end his race, and with it, his hopes of achieving the record he so desired.

The news of Cavendish’s crash spread rapidly through the cycling community, leaving fans and fellow riders stunned and disheartened. Even his rivals, who were competing fiercely against him just moments before, expressed their sympathies and disappointment for the unfortunate turn of events. It is a testament to the camaraderie and respect that exists within the peloton, where triumphs and tragedies are experienced collectively.

For Cavendish, who has experienced both the highs and lows of professional cycling, this setback surely comes as a tremendous blow. Having struggled with injuries and personal challenges in recent years, his resurgence at this year’s Tour de France was a source of immense pride and inspiration for him and his legion of supporters. His four stage wins were already a remarkable achievement, displaying the determination and skill that have defined his career.

As Cavendish recovers from this accident and contemplates his future in the sport, his remarkable comeback and strong performances in this year’s tour should not be overshadowed. He has proven once again that he is a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking on the best cyclists in the world and emerging victorious.

While Cavendish may not have fulfilled his dream of breaking Merckx’s record at this year’s Tour de France, his story serves as a reminder of the inherent unpredictability and challenges that come with professional cycling. In a sport that demands both physical and mental strength, setbacks and injuries are often an unfortunate part of the journey.

Nonetheless, Mark Cavendish’s legacy as one of the greatest sprinters in the history of cycling remains intact. His achievements, both past and present, have indelibly shaped the sport and inspired countless aspiring athletes. As the cycling world rallies behind him during his recovery, fans await his return with bated breath, hopeful that he will overcome this setback and continue to add to his already impressive legacy.

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