Sabrina Ionescu Breaks All-Time Records in WNBA and NBA Three-Point Contest Sabrina Ionescu, the standout player for the New York Liberty, has made history once again. This time, she set a new record in the WNBA and even outshone some of the biggest names in the NBA. The 24-year-old guard became the first-ever player, male or female, to win both the WNBA and NBA all-time record in the three-point contest.

Ionescu’s incredible achievement came at the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in Atlanta, where she represented the Liberty in the Women’s Three-Point Contest. Going up against some of the sharpest shooters in the league, she demonstrated her remarkable talent and poise under pressure.

In the first round, Ionescu wasted no time in making her mark. She shot a phenomenal 24 out of 30 three-pointers, scoring a jaw-dropping 80% accuracy. This outstanding performance not only secured her spot in the final round but also set a new record for the highest score in the first round of the contest.

Entering the final round, Ionescu faced tough competition from some of the WNBA’s best shooters, including Arike Ogunbowale from the Dallas Wings and Sami Whitcomb from the Seattle Storm. Both players showcased their formidable shooting skills, but it was Ionescu who ultimately emerged victorious.

In the final round, Ionescu added another 20 points to her remarkable total, easily sealing her victory. In the end, she finished with a record-breaking combined score of 44 points out of 60, clinching both the WNBA and NBA all-time record.

What makes Ionescu’s accomplishment even more remarkable is that she achieved it in just her second season in the WNBA. After being selected as the number one overall pick by the New York Liberty in the 2020 WNBA Draft, she quickly proved she was a force to be reckoned with.

Ionescu’s talent and work ethic are evident in her overall performance on the court. Known for her versatility, she is not only a remarkable shooter but also an exceptional playmaker. She is an adept ball-handler, has excellent court vision, and is highly skilled at driving to the basket. These qualities have made her a standout player in the league and a crucial asset to the New York Liberty.

Beyond her on-court success, Ionescu has also become an inspiration for young athletes around the world. As a vocal advocate for gender equality in sports, she has used her platform to promote and empower women in basketball. Her accomplishment in the three-point contest further solidifies her status as a role model for aspiring basketball players, both male and female.

With this historic accomplishment, Ionescu has once again made a name for herself in the basketball world. Her records and achievements transcend gender boundaries, demonstrating that talent knows no gender. As she continues to make waves in the WNBA, it will be exciting to see how she further raises the bar for herself and inspires others along the way.

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