Verstappen Clarifies F1 British GP Qualifying Pitlane “Incident” Verstappen explains F1 British GP qualifying pitlane “incident”

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen found himself at the center of controversy during the qualifying session for the British Grand Prix when he was involved in what he called an “incident” in the pitlane. The incident occurred as Verstappen was leaving the Red Bull garage to join the track.

The pitlane incident involved Verstappen and AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly. Verstappen has explained his side of the story, shedding light on what transpired and providing some clarity on the incident.

According to Verstappen, he was released by his Red Bull team just as Gasly was approaching at a high speed. Verstappen claims that he was given the green light to go, and he followed the instructions given by his team. However, Gasly was closing in fast, and the two cars ended up crossing paths in a dangerous manner.

Verstappen believes that the incident was a result of miscommunication between the teams of Red Bull and AlphaTauri. He stated, “I think just in terms of release, I was released and didn’t know that he [Gasly] was coming.” Verstappen clarified that he only noticed Gasly’s car at the last moment and tried to avoid a collision.

The incident raises questions about the coordination and communication between teams in the pitlane, specifically when it comes to releasing cars onto the track. Pitlane safety is a crucial aspect of Formula 1 racing, and incidents like these remind teams of the importance of being vigilant and ensuring the safety of all drivers involved.

Verstappen acknowledged that the incident was concerning and emphasized the need for better coordination between the teams. He said, “It’s not really what you want. You don’t want to touch another car there, for sure.”

Despite the incident, Verstappen managed to secure third place on the grid for the British Grand Prix, behind the dominant Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Verstappen remains confident in his abilities, and he is focused on putting the incident behind him to deliver a strong performance in the race.

As the race approaches, discussions around pitlane safety and protocol are likely to be amplified within the paddock. Teams will need to ensure that incidents like this do not reoccur, as the safety of drivers and those working in the pitlane should always be paramount.

Verstappen’s explanation sheds light on the pitlane incident during the qualifying session for the British Grand Prix. With all eyes now on the main event, fans and experts will be eager to see how the incident impacts Verstappen and whether any changes will be implemented to improve pitlane safety in future races.

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